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Big Enough to Serve You

Bank of Maysville is right on the money helping you get a jump on your finances. We offer checking and savings accounts, CDs and investment services, and many different loan products to satisfy all of your financing needs.

Small Enough to Know You

We believe that banking is people caring about people. That’s why we make it a point to know all of our customers. This has been our philosophy since we first opened our doors in 1835. Even with today’s busy schedules and pressures, we still believe it’s the best philosophy.

How does it work?

In your Bank of Maysville app or online banking, you set your friend up as a payee by entering their name and phone or email. Your friend gets a text or email notification with a link. They open the link, enter their bank debit card number and expiration, and submit. Funds are sent instantly!

How do I get started?

  1. To utilize P2P, you need to be enrolled in Bank of Maysville’s online or mobile banking.
  2. Once you are logged in, head to Move Money.
  3. Click the + sign under My Payees to add a new payee (or you can go directly to New Transaction and create from there).
  4. Select Person to Person for the payee type.
  5. Enter in your payee’s information. You may choose to hand your phone to your friend if they are near you to enter their debit card number, or you can simply send them an invite via an email or text and have them enter that information on their device.
  6. You will then select how they will receive the invite.
  7. Your recipient has now been sent an invitation (via text or email) to establish them as a payee. They click the link and enter their debit card number.
  8. After they submit their card information you as the sender can now click into the payee name in your digital banking and see the status has changed from Invited to Confirmed.
  9. Once confirmed, you can now send money! Click on the payee and select Send Payment (or you can also start a New Transaction).
  10. Then enter your payment details and submit. Please note that P2P transactions are immediate and cannot be deleted/edited/returned.
  11. Afterwards, you will get a confirmation number.
  12. The funds are now sent instantly to the recipient’s bank through their debit card. (Funds availability depends on receiving bank’s policies.)
  13. Your P2P payment will show up instantly on your transaction history in Bank of Maysville’s online or mobile banking as a pending SPIN transfer (it will not show up in the scheduled transfers section of Move Money).

Send to Friends & Family

Because they are instant, P2P transactions cannot be edited, cancelled, or returned once sent. Please make sure to send money only to other people you trust. Ask yourself: If I made an error sending money, can I get that money back? For example, do not send money using P2P to an unknown recipient for an online purchase until you have actually received your item.